Kenya on verge of ‘total collapse’ as bodies strewn in streets during violent uprising

Peaceful, youth-led anti tax demonstrations have brought Kenya down, as deadly riots rip through the east African country, leaving many protesters dead in the street and scores more injured

Kenya is on the brink of breakdown as a youth-led uprising has led to violent clashes that have left bullet riddled bodies laying in streets.

What started off as demonstrations with peaceful intentions on Tuesday, June 18, have ended in bloodshed as police unleashed gunfire and violence on anti-tax protesters.

Most of the dead are millennials and Gen-Zers, who took to the streets in a nation-wide protests, campaigning against corruption and cronyism, which they believe the incumbent government is plagued with.

At least 12 protesters have been abducted during the protests, Amnesty reports, while battles blazed through major towns and cities as President William Ruto’s regime passed a controversial bill that was the final straw for many.

Young Kenyans overpowered anti-riot police to storm Parliament in the capital Nairobi, and attempted to set it on fire in protest of the bill, as anti-tax demonstrations swept the country, reports The Star.

An angry mob surrounded parliament and took down parliamentary gates under a heavy plume of tear gas, as police let rip a terror of violence and gunfire on the protesters, as MPs fled to safety.

It’s estimated that more than 100 protesters have been injured in the riots, with many others believed dead, reports The Standard. Journalists and medics are among the dead and injured.

The bill’s passing also saw transport systems grind to a halt across major cities and towns, and businesses shutter up to avoid the bloody clashes.

Young Kenyans have been protesting against the bill that raises and introduces taxes on every day services and items such as internet, fuel, bank transfers and nappies, reports AP News.

The additional taxes are part of the Kenyan government’s bid to find $2.7million (£2.1million) to help pay off national debt interest, reduce budget deficit and keep the government running. However, the tax hoick will add further strain to the lives of many, who are already feeling the burden.

The riots began as peaceful street demonstrations against the bill, organised on social media, Nairobi was the epicentre of the demonstrations, however they quickly spread across the east African country.

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