BingX Exchange — Who is Behind it and Who Founded it?

BingX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that has experienced rapid growth since its establishment in 2018, currently serving over 5 million users worldwide. As the exchange continues to gain popularity, many new and experienced crypto traders may be curious to learn more about who operates BingX and who originally founded the company.

BingX Exchange — Who is Behind it and Who Founded it?
BingX Exchange — Who is Behind it and Who Founded it?

What is BingX?

BingX is a relatively new player in the cryptocurrency exchange industry, having been founded in 2018. The founder and current CEO is Josh Lu, an experienced entrepreneur in the digital finance space. Under Lu’s leadership, BingX has expanded to have offices in North America, Canada, the EU, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, employing a workforce of over 150.

Despite being a fresh face in the crypto exchange world, BingX has seen significant success. They have rapidly gained over 5 million users across 100 countries, a sign of strong growth in a short time period. One factor that has contributed to this user growth is BingX’s wide selection of over 350 cryptocurrencies available for spot trading.

In addition to offering spot trading of various digital assets, BingX provides other trading services like derivatives, copy trading, and grid trading. They also have a mobile app used by over 1 million traders. The exchange caters to both beginners and experienced crypto traders seeking different types of trading options.

Who Founded BingX?

BingX was founded in 2018 by Josh Lu, a serial entrepreneur with a background in digital finance. With his vision, Lu established BingX to provide traders an advanced yet user-friendly platform for participating in the cryptocurrency markets.

As the founder and CEO, Lu currently leads a global team of over 150 employees working across BingX’s various international offices. Under his stewardship, the exchange has grown rapidly to attract millions of users in just a few short years. Lu continues to spearhead BingX’s product development and expansion efforts worldwide.

How is BingX Operated?

BingX operates as a privately held company, with Josh Lu serving as the founder and CEO. While BingX has strategic investors, it remains fully owned and run by Lu and his executive management team on a day-to-day basis.

In addition to Lu’s leadership, BingX employs dedicated teams focused on areas like engineering, marketing, customer support, legal/compliance and security. With regional headquarters across major markets, BingX has a combined staff of over 150 professionals facilitating exchange operations globally.

Regulatory Compliance

To ensure legal compliance with financial services regulations, BingX is registered with various authorities. As the headquarters, BingX is registered and licensed by the Financial Services Authority of Estonia.

They also hold registrations in major economic regions like the United States under FinCEN and in Canada under FINTRAC. This regulatory framework helps BingX legally operate and provides protections for its users. BingX routinely conducts audits and reviews to maintain high standards of compliance.

BingX exchange was founded in 2018 by digital finance entrepreneur Josh Lu. Since inception, Lu has captained BingX’s success, growing it into a leading cryptocurrency trading platform. BingX remains privately owned and run under Lu’s continued leadership as CEO. With over 5 million users serviced by a worldwide team, BingX has clearly established itself as a formidable presence in the crypto economy. Its regulatory compliance coupled with Lu’s vision seek to assure traders of a secure, advanced experience into the future.

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