How to submit a website on has removed its “submit URL” feature that once allowed Internet users to submit site maps. It is now instead crawling websites to find pages to add to its directory.

Although search engines are constantly crawling the Web for content, submitting website URLs to search engines helps expedite the process. When a website is submitted, it is eventually indexed and may appear higher in search results. This process is normally free, and users who submit to popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Users do not need to submit individual pages, as just the homepage URL is sufficient for search engines to examine and index the entire website. is a unique type of search engine that has a question and answer format. Users pose a question in the website’s search bar, and the search engine brings up a relevant answer in plain-text language. Originally known as Ask Jeeves, this website was acquired by IAC in 2005. The high-traffic website is utilized internationally by more than 100 million users, and its mobile app has been downloaded several million times. In addition to answers to popular questions, the site features an image, news and video database as well as a trivia section called The Know.

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