‘I prefer chocolate to sex – it’s tasty and more satisfying than bonking’

Vanusa Freitas, also known as the “Playboy Fitness Bunny”, is famous for getting saucy – but sex isn’t her favourite thing. If given the choice, she admitted she prefers to sample candy instead of nookie

Vanusa Freitas admitted she prefers chocolate to sex
Vanusa Freitas admitted she prefers chocolate to sex (Image: @euvanusafreitas/Instagram/CO Press Office)

It may sound hard to believe, but not everyone loves sex.

Well, at least it’s not their favourite thing on Earth. That’s true of influencer Vanusa Freitas, who’s also known as the “Playboy Fitness Bunny”.

The social media star likes to share her exercise routine and healthy habits on the internet, but she recently made a controversial statement involving good nutrition and sexual relations. And it’s taken a lot of people by surprise.

She said: “Candy is better than sex.”

Vanusa has a loyal audience of almost 120,000 followers on Instagram. According to her, health and well-being are precious, which is why she highlights what makes her feel the most pleasure.

“I maintain a heavy exercise routine, but I can’t do without the reward of chocolate,” she added.

Vanusa Freitas admitted she prefers chocolate to sex
She made a very candid confession about her preferences (Image: @euvanusafreitas/Instagram/CO Press Office)

The unusual statement drew attention due to a specific point – the model stated that sexual intercourse cannot be compared to good chocolate. For her, sweets satisfy her more than sex itself.

She explained: “It’s very tasty and much more delicious. Furthermore, chocolate is an aphrodisiac. So, in addition to satisfying myself by eating, if I want to have my moment of sexual intimacy with a partner later – it will be even better.”

The brunette defends her position even when contradicted by third parties.

“I have my arguments and I believe them,” she said. “Chocolate gives me immediate pleasure and that is undeniable. When I get involved with a partner there is touch, there is feeling.

“It’s different with chocolate, but I still prefer it.”

Vanusa Freitas admitted she prefers chocolate to sex
Vanusa once vowed to become the “sexiest bunny in the world” (Image: @euvanusafreitas/Instagram/CO Press Office)

On the other hand, the influencer also mentions that sexual relations are important to meet other needs. Among them – the emotional and physical.

For Vanusa, reflection is essential and her ideas do not interfere with her routine: She added: “I continue following a regular diet, exercising and maintaining the healthiest life possible. With chocolate, it only gets better.”

Back last year, Vanusa vowed to become the “world’s sexiest Playboy bunny”. She decided to adopt a strict intermittent fasting diet to achieve her hottest body yet.

She reportedly maintains a fasting period of 16 hours a day.

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