Woman at X-rated Pleasure Boys show recalls how ‘things took turn’ before d**k-swinging antics

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: A woman who attended the now-infamous UK Pleasure Boys show in Belfast over the weekend has pinpointed the moment it ‘took a turn’ after X-rated videos of the event went viral

Woman at raunchy Pleasure Boys show recalls moment 'things took a turn' before X-rated antics
The UK Pleasure Boys were performing in Belfast this weekend (file) (Image: Pleasure Boys UK)

A woman who attended the X-rated UK Pleasure Boys show on Saturday (February 17) has recalled the moment it “took a turn”.

The UK Pleasure Boys were performing at The Devenish Complex in Belfast as part of their XXL Tour, BelfastLive reports.

Footage from the racy strip show has since gone viral, with videos on X/Twitter showing jacked lads swinging their sizeable manhoods about the place.

Blokes could be seen thrusting said manhoods onto attendees’ behinds. Other women were seen leaping onto half-dressed dancers as Chubby Checker’s version of the hit song The Twist played. One dancer even lied down on top of a woman with this chopper hanging out.

UK pleasure boys
Wild footage from inside the event went viral on social media (Image: @Ciaran88322201/X)

Social media users were quick to respond to the event. One X user wrote: “Apparently some fella was doing a [helicopter] with his d**k lol.” Another claimed: “This woman has c*m in her hair as a stripper j**zed on her as her closest friends and a room full of strangers cheered on.”

The event was priced at £15 a ticket and advertised as a ‘Valentine’s Weekend Special’. The Devenish described it as “a night filled with exciting thrills perfect for a girls night out”.

One woman, who did not wish to be identified, spoke to BelfastLive about what the show was like. She said: “Myself and a few friends attended the event on Saturday night. I myself was not drinking but other friends were.

Pleasure Boys
The group were performing at The Devenish Complex as part of their XXL Tour (Image: The Devenish/Belfast)

“The men themselves put on a good show in the first half then after a long break the second half took a turn. I have never seen anything like it, was gob-smacked, but I did not leave as it was all for a laugh and was glad that none of the men came near me as I would have died off.”

John Woodward, who runs Pleasure Boys, said the show has “dancing, fire, and acrobatics” as well as “full nudity”. He claimed the videos circulating online depict an unplanned ending. He said the women actually stormed the stage.

He told BBC’s Nolan Show: “The videos are the ending where the girls stormed the stage, this wasn’t planned, this just happened. The boys came out and took a bow and the girls stormed the stage, then they carried on dancing with the girls. They weren’t just going to walk off the stage at that point.

The Devenish Complex, Belfast (gv)
The Devenish Complex, Belfast (gv) (Image: Google Maps)

“There was absolutely no sexual contact during the show. Everything we do, it’s crowd participation and everything is simulated, there’s no sort of sexual acts going on during the show.”

However, a woman who attended said: “The end of the show where the Pleasure Boys’ manager stated that the women stormed the stage is not true; the boys asked for girls to go up on stage to dance with each of them. At this point the men only had their trousers on, no tops.

“It ended [with] the men stripping down to nothing and doing what they did as you see in videos being shared on social media. Women were out for a laugh but the ending was uncalled for and a disgrace in my opinion. We left at that point as it was wild!”

The man who runs the Pleasure Boys said 'there was absolutely no sexual contact during the show' (file)
The man who runs the Pleasure Boys said ‘there was absolutely no sexual contact during the show’ (file) (Image: Pleasure Boys UK)


A spokesperson for Police Service of Northern Ireland confirmed it received “one report” about the event on Saturday night, which is now being “reviewed”.

The Daily Star has contacted The Devenish Complex and UK Pleasure Boys for comment.

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